Looks do matter!

The beauty of plantation shutters is unlike any other custom window treatment because of their casual elegance and ability to blend with an decor.

Shutters Increase Your Home's Value

Because plantation shutters are the only window treatment that is permanently attached to the house, they are the only window treatments considered an upgrade and in turn add value to your house! Easily one of the best investments in home decor.

Help yourself and the environment

Shutters offer homeowners a beautiful way to create more insulated and energy efficient windows. Cutting down on costs and helping save the world at the same time!

Choices, Choices!

Shutters come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Shutters can be installed on any window style, including: arches, angle tops and sliders, they are often refered as "furniture for the windows". Shutters also come in a variety of materials from PVC to vinyl pressed wood and solid polymer foam to basswood